Who Did Ewe Come From?

The word of the Lord came unto Ezekiel the Priest, the son of Buzi, in the land of the Chaldeans, by the river Chebar, where the hand of the Lord was upon him. Yechezk’el/Ezekiel 1:3 (HNV) The words of Jeremiah the son of Hilkiah one of the Priests that were at Anathoth in the land of Benjamin. Yirmeyahu/Jeremiah 1:1 (GNV)

The two opening verses above are the for the purpose of pointing out something that many do not seem to realize that the individuals Yechezk’el and Yirmeyahu are both Cohen’s and Prophets. There is a reason why these two men both lived during the house of Y’hudah’s Babylonian captivity, and were charged with the mission to tell Y’hudah that they would eventually return to their homeland. But this was not all of the Good News the Y’hudim were told. As with all the Prophets the resolution of the problem of Isra’el will come in the time when the 10 tribes of the Northern Kingdom are ready to admit their sin, confess and repent. There is no restoration unless it involves all 12 tribes represented in the Kingdom.

In one of our ongoing themes on the Yachad Qahal web site we address the problem of many not understanding that the Jews who are the house of Y’hudah are not the Lost Sheep of the house of Isra’el. Only when all 12 tribes are together are we referred to as the whole house of Isra’el. The erroneous teaching that the 10 tribes reunited with the Southern Kingdom after Y’hudah’s return from Babylon causes too many to believe that Yirmeyahu and Yechezk’el’s prophecies about restoration have already occurred. Especially for those who look at Y’shua as the promised Mashiach, it puts a conundrum in place when he dies fulfilling the promise of a redemptive sacrifice yet reunification does not occur. Especially concerning Yechezk’el chapters 37 through 39 and Yirmeyahu chapter 31, which both speak of a time when the covenant has fully been restored and we are in the land. These same topics are discussed especially in the last three chapters of the Chazon/Revelation, and were still referred to in the latter days of Yochanan’s life as still to occur.

Even with having some Jewish ancestry, I like so many of you was raised in the Christian church; but I had one advantage that many of you did not I was taught to read the Torah. This enabled me to have a different perspective as I read the B’rit Chadashah and the events it describes. I did not realize that I was taught something that most of the others I attended church with had never learned, therefore I was puzzled when I saw something in the first century writings that others did not. It was many years later before I realized the advantage I had, yet it never dawned on me that I knew something many of them did not. However this does not mean I understood that much more than they did, I merely had more information.

Certain teachings that I received growing up allowed me in my later life to have more of a grasp on the meaning of those teachings that many of my compatriots did not even fathom. I knew that Eliyahu/Elijah, Elisha, Hoshea, Yarov’am/Jeroboam and others were not from Judah but from Isra’el. Also, I was knowledgeable about Yah breaking up the 12 tribes after the reign of Melech Shlomo/King Solomon. This destruction was brought about by Shlomo sinning by allowing his wives to practice idolatry. I will do this because they have abandoned me and worshipped ‘Ashtoret the goddess of the Tzidoni, K’mosh the god of Mo’av and Milkom the god of the people of ‘Amon. They haven’t lived according to my ways, so that they could do what was right in my view and obey my regulations and rulings, as did David his father. M’lakhim Alef/1 Kings 11:33 (CJB) Unfortunately the women who are referred to as Shlomo’s foreign wives is describing them as women who never joined the people of Isra’el in their Covenant; they sought to maintain their own allegiances to their home countries. Idolatry is part of another nations ways, meaning you were trying to hold dual citizenship. Guess who doesn’t permit this? That’s right, Yah does not permit this in his Kingdom.

When Yah tears the 10 Northern Tribes away from the rule of Y’hudah and Melech Rechav’am the consequences prove to be dire for the north. Yarov’am is given ruler ship over the house of Israel and his own fears move him to establish rebellious worship practices to prevent the people from returning to the rulership of Rechav’am. Worship is not a religious service but showing homage to the rightful government of the people. Various aspects of Yarov’am’s decisions involve moving the feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles and fashioning two calf idols of gold like the ones in the wilderness and placing them at opposite ends of the kingdom. This attempt to maintain the people’s loyalty was not intended for them to go to both of the sites, merely to go to one each year instead of going to Yerusha’layim. These and other things are what is described as the sins of Yarov’am frequently mentioned during the reigns of some of the other Kings of the north who rule later on. These events in this paragraph are specifically catalogued in the 12 chapter of M’lakhim Alef. There are also various hints throughout scripture that point to other changes instituted by Yarov’am, one of these is he may have moved Shabat to the first day of the week. The tinkering with the Mo’edim is also written about in some of the other rabbinical writings. Any other material outside of scripture that is posted here is merely for consideration due to the events hinted at in the Word of Yah.

Those who are familiar with the events dealing with the feast of Chanukah/Dedication recorded in the first book of the Maccabees and then foretold in the writings of Dani’el will be familiar with the name Antiochus the IV. Antiochus was a descendant of one of the four generals who replaced Alexander the Great when he died. During the reign of Antiochus the IV he slaughtered many of the Jews for circumcising their young, refusing to eat pork, and in general attempting to abide by Torah. One of the acts committed in the Temple of Yah was the desecration of the altar by sacrificing a swine on it, an unclean animal. After three years, the forces loyal to Torah were able to take back the Temple and rededicate it, one of these acts was the dismantling of the altar and rebuilding a new one in its place and taking the defiled stones outside the city to an unclean place. Additional information is supplied by Josephus the Jewish historian and Cohen. Curious isn’t it, another Cohen providing information for us to study.

We move forward in history about 500 years to another event pertaining to the covenant around those returning to the commonwealth of Isra’el. A common feature of these two events is that the major players all came from Macedonia. Alexander, Antiochus, and Constantine all play significant roles in the events involving the 12 tribes of Isra’el, unfortunately most of these events are detrimental to Ya’akov descendants. If you recall Daniel was told that one would come along seeking to change the times and the season’s Yah had established in the instruction to Moshe at Mount Sinai. Antiochus the IV attempted and failed with the Jews prior to Y’shua’s arrival, however Constantine has succeeded with Yosef’s offspring in turning them away from the Truth. Deception is the tool of the one who first appeared in the garden. This one cannot make us do anything yet he tricks us into being disobedient and following our own lusts. Too much power has been credited to this one in order to let ourselves off the hook. Yah warned us in the wilderness that His Way is different than our way and He does not hold any regard for rebellion.

The hope is still expressed in the Revelation when Y’shua has Yochanan informed that in the last days a call will go out to the people of Yah to come out of her my people. He still wants us back in his camp, in his house, under his protection and authority. The Whore of Babylon is not the woman Y’shua is returning for, but for a bride who has washed her garments from the uncleanness she has wallowed in. A major problem of so many who read the B’rit is they disconnect it from Torah, thereby leaving no definition or understanding pertaining to what makes us or causes us to be unclean. It’s still the same rules, nothing’s changed; he is the same yesterday, today and forever. How many realize the voice Moshe heard all those years in the wilderness was the Son of Elohim, not the Father. As Yochanan stated the Word was the aspect creation was manifested through.

As my associate Bernard pointed out during this teaching that the word Maccabee sounds awfully Scottish when you hear it. There is a reason for this as the Gaelic people of which, the Scottish are a portion of the descendants are of the eastern segment of M’nasheh. Of which many of us in the United States have this heritage, there are those such as Rabbi Yair Davidy in the United Kingdom involved in tracing the whereabouts of Isra’el’s scattering and exile. This has become a source of fascination for many who are coming to realize certain declarations made by Yah mean something totally different than what we were taught. Whether we are descendants of the natural seed or grafted in we are Isra’el like it or not. Interestingly Rabbi Davidy, of Y’hudah, is a redhead himself; as Melech David is believed by some scholars to have been a redhead also. Once again I would challenge the idea that Isra’el is coming home with one skin tone, or hair color, or eye tint let alone speaking only one language. The King is looking for subjects who want to live under His reign, not for a bunch of democratic independent individuals. The choice is ours but we don’t get to change the rules. The same rules apply for a bride who wants a groom to come for her after she has all ready agreed to the marriage contract. That is one of the aspects of drinking the cup it is a citizenship oath and a marriage vow, people need to think of this when they participate in this ceremony.

One of the things that I personally believe we will be surprised by is when we find out exactly which tribe we are actually linked to, by our fathers bloodlines. I’m looking forward to finding out if I’m actually of the tribe that most my ancestry hints at. But in my journey of discovery I have found many who have bought into the idea that your heritage has nothing to do with the covenant. It very much does however this does not exclude the in grafted. There is only one olive tree and Yah said what it is, and his definition is the only one that counts. Heritage entitles us to salvation it does not entitle us to eternal life, this comes with obedience. This is the same as it was in the garden.

The road ahead of us is filled with hope let us not lose sight of the promises Yah has made. There will be some testing and trials, but we must not give up the prize is too valuable. Let us not lose sight and forget others in our journey home as this is not a solo trek, just as when we left Egypt so long ago. Like a herd of cattle or flock of sheep who follow the dominant male, let us make sure that he is following the shepherd home. We don’t want to be like a bunch of lemmings going off the cliff into the sea to our destruction.

I would like to close by acknowledging and thanking those who I have met along the journey who have encouraged me, tried me, and forced me to grow. Especially those fellow teachers whose challenges to all of us force us to examine everything we have learned. My prayers are that all those that we’ve been entrusted with we will be able to hand over to those entrusted with the next step in that Exodus ahead. Among those who I have personally encountered I would like to extend my gratefulness for anything that you have done to help me with my task to which I have been entrusted; Rico Cortes, Daniel McGirr and Victor Schultz. Even those not mentioned because there are too many of you to use all your names, most of you don’t even realize how we’ve assisted me and the ministry I’ve been charged with. Gratefully and hopefully with humility I can continue on and in some way lighten each of your loads along the way. Every calling has its own unique and individual aspects which were put in place by Yah, may we all desire that His Kingdom come and His will be done here on the earth as it is in Sh’mayim.

Shalom Aleichem!

With the help of the Ruach HaKodesh, written by Rabbi Danny Palmer

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