The Lost Sheep Of The House of Israel

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Who Did Ewe Come From?
How important are the Priests in Isra’el’s restoration? Are the Lost Sheep who most people have been taught they are? How much of Jeroboam’s influence is still prevalent in the house of Isra’el today? How many of our greatest enemies may actually be part of our family?

Hay Ewe
The theme of this teaching is EVERY WORD: Moshe came and told the people everything ADONAI had said, including all the rulings. The people answered with one voice: “We will obey every word ADONAI has spoken.” Exodus 24:3

Do Ewe Want To Go Home?
Living in the Kingdom of Yah is a government system and New Yerushalem is where the Authority will come from.

Are Ewe The Prodigal Son?
Do we all know as much as we think we know?
How do we know what a false prophet/anti messiah looks like?

What Did Yah Promise Ewe?
Is home where you think it is?

Are Ewe Lost?
Do you know where you are headed?
Where will the Kingdom of Heaven be?
Grafted In or Pruned, are Ewe in the Olive Tree or not?
Isn’t the Olive Tree … Isra’el?

The Testimony And Ewe
Y’shua was an example to us in the way we should live our lives on a daily basis. Understanding our own testimony is vital to understanding what we are telling others about who we are.

What Happened To Ewe?
Is there a destination for the people of Isra’el?
Is the land we currently live in REALLY where Yah promised that we would be?

Who Are Ewe?
Ya’akov is told that his descendents will become gentiles by Yah in B’reshit/Genesis 35:11.

The Mystery & Ewe 
Is it really understood why Y’shua had to die?
What is the mystery of the fullness of the gentiles?




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