The Kingdom

Newest teachings are listed first.


What Are Ewe Crying Out For?
How long?

Are Ewe Looking For Yah’s Kingdom?
His Kingdom Come

Who Is Accusing Ewe?
What is the first trial in scripture?

Do Ewe Know Where The Kingdom Is?
What is the truth about the Promised Land? Who is this Promise to and where is that Land at?

Yah Is Green … Are Ewe?
Who is the very first green human? What was his job? Should we be green?

Do EWE Know What The KINGDOM Is?
Does Scripture give us a picture of the Kingdom? Yes, it does but most do not recognize it. That picture is the garden before the fall.

When we seek to have our prayers answered, are we going through the proper channels?

Who is in charge? If we believe the Word of Yah … He is.

What Is The Synagogue Of HaSatan?
Without the Torah/Law, how can we know what the Synagogue of HaSatan is? There is no definition for righteousness in Scripture other than the Torah/the five books of Moshe/Moses.


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