Talmidim T’filaht

Disciples Prayer

Father in heaven set apart is your name, this is a more literal translation of the first line of the often misreferenced prayer taught by Y’shua to his talmidim/disciples. This is not the masters prayer but an example for his followers. The word heaven has multiple contexts but the one that most aptly describes what Y’shua is referring to is the sky, as this is the Hebraic perception contained in the word Sh’mayim. To comprehend this mindset we have to go back to the beginning when the spirit of Elohim was above the face of the deep/abyss which commonly expresses the idea of water so deep you cannot see the bottom. Mayim is water in the Hebrew language and the sky is blue because there is water in the atmosphere. Water is the one element which does not seem to be described as being created, and this is a very interesting. Holy or kadash should make us comprehend something that is to be treated differently then other things, given greater regard. Not common but special, respected, admired, feared, and loved. The implication is that we are to esteem the name of Yah and not treat it disrespectfully. The name has long been an issue among those who profess belief in the writings of the Hebrews who have recorded what is commonly called the Bible. Most will not even attempt any pronunciation of the divine name for various reasons, however those who feel we should use the name should not do so without proper respect for the name.

Your Kingdom come your will be done in earth as it is in heaven. His kingdom implies a government which means there are rules for the citizens of that kingdom to abide by. He he is not an EL of confusion/chaos therefore structure is His very nature, anything else brings about destruction. A kingdom/Kings dominion is for the purpose of the subjects of said government to be represented by the rules established for their benefit. His will be done states that said order is by his standards to achieve the goals he has in mind. When the use of this language in our prayers do we ever stopped and contemplate we are submitting to His Way over our own. How many express this kind of request in their conversation with the Father, yet pursue their own agenda regardless of what His Word states. Once again we need to be reminded who and what that Word is, it is Y’shua. In or on earth just like in heaven means his government in action on the planet, practiced by his people. Those who have this fantasy in a heaven where there are no rules do not believe this prayer otherwise they would not believe in those mystical pipe dreams. The faulty premise that the earth is going to be eliminated is not based in the truth but in human concepts contrary to the message given to us through Yah’s servants pertaining to Him keeping His Word. Too many are ignorant that heaven and earth are two of the witnesses that Yah keeps His Word.

Providing us daily bread is his promise that we will not lack food to sustain our physical bodies. Because there are many levels to understanding scripture, that bread also is the word of Yah. Both of these He provides so that we have life in every aspect of our being. Forgiving us our trespasses as when we forgive those who do likewise against us is dealing with boundaries that we have no permission to cast aside. Understanding this requires that we acknowledge those markers and adhere to them. Especially those established by Yah as in what we are allowed to do, and what we are not permitted to do. Sin will never be fathomed in our mind if we do not understand what missing the mark means. The mark is an established focal point that must be realized, otherwise you cannot miss it. Trespassing is an act of disregard concerning boundaries, contempt for authority. How can we expect Yah to forgive us if we do not treat His Ways with respect?

Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil is asking Yah not to allow us to be deceived or harmed. In the Torah Yah clearly tells us that He will allow us to be tempted in order to find out if we truly are His people. Deception mostly comes from within us we really don’t need any help to lie to ourselves, this does not imply that there are no external factors or forces to aid us in our stumbling. Evil can only manifest itself through us as no other creature is held accountable for what we invited into the world. One of our greatest weapons we use against ourselves and others is through our tongues, this is one of scriptures constant warnings pertaining to cursing anyone. How often do people realize that speaking ill of the anyone, ourselves included is condemned by Yah. As in the garden the first act of deception recorded for our benefit contains no lie, the woman was tricked into creating her own lie to herself. Unfortunately the one person who could have stopped this spiral just followed suit and did not protect his wife at all, he was supposed to be her covering but he neglected his responsibility. This is why the greater curse is assigned to the male, not the female.

For your kingdom, authority, and Glory are forever Amen. Once again the issue of government is included in this prayer, why do so many believe the time will come when there will be no rules? Authority belongs to the being who can give life to what he created. Without His breath/Ruach in us, we do not have life. This is why remembering where life comes from is vital to our existence and if we do not understand this we become our own elohim which brings a disaster. In this prayer we are informed and are told to acknowledge that this government will last forever, without end. Since Y’shua teaches us this prayer then why should we think that authority over us is a bad thing? This doesn’t make much sense does it? Amen is derived from the thought of so be it, to expect otherwise would be insincere and phony. If we do not mean what we say then why go to the trouble to express it verbally or even in our minds, why go to the trouble of saying or thinking something we do not mean? Would this not just be a waste of time?

This teaching has as its purpose the idea we should make the effort to understand the things we say. Mindless babble gets us nowhere as it is only words we don’t mean. This same attitude is prevalent even among quote believers, reading scripture and not trusting it is no different than praying insincerely. Trusting in Yah requires us to allow him to reveal to us the things we do not understand. Yah has used many examples and given us signs so that we will know what to expect from him, he wants us to know him.

Shalom Aleichem!

With the help of the Ruach HaKodesh, written by Rabbi Danny Palmer.

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