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Do Ewe Know The Word?
The Prophets clearly tell us that Scripture is not some mystical, magical experience, but a real one on one relationship with our Creator. We also are supposed to seek a communal relationship among ourselves and with Him. If we leave out either one we diminish that relationship.

Do Ewe Respect יהוה ???
The Word of Yah is the Way to the Kingdom. All other paths leave us outside the city gates. The Kingdom is a Government, not a metaphor. What is your Authority?

Do Ewe Know Where Ewe Are Going To?
What are we agreeing to when we eat the bread and drink the cup? What is the promise? There are many misconceptions about the promise.

What Should Matter To Ewe?
Do we have a right to expect something different they what Yah promised? Do we know what the promise is … or have we been misled? Have we what Scripture actually says or have imposed a different meaning on it?

Are Ewe In Y’shua’s Flock, Or Not?
Is eating the bread and drinking the cup just a routine? What does it mean to consume them? Do you know what you are doing when you participate in this rite?

What Is The Good News To Ewe?
Do people really know what the Good News, commonly called the Gospel, really is?

Do Ewe Know Y’shua Or Not?
What does my offering mean & what does it cover?

The King & Ewe
What is and what does it take to maintain a Covenant?
Who are we in Covenant with, is it who we think it is?

How Did Ewe Get Here?
Consequences of you and your ancestors actions. Home is where the heart is, where is yours?

Where Are Ewe
Where is home? Are you there? If not, where are you?


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