The Covenant: Are We Bearing False Witness?

This teaching covers many subjects, including the marriage covenant, rights and responsibilities of the firstborn, things that maybe misunderstood about Y’hudah (Judas Iscariot), and what is truth.

A covenant is an agreement between two people or two entities (more then just a person). The marriage covenant is one of the most important agreements we can make and should not be regarded as lightly as it is. It is one of the first instructions we are given after creation. Two people should never enter into a marriage covenant with the idea that it is only a temporal thing. A bechor (first born son) inherits not only leadership but responsibility. Y’shua understood this aspect of his mission, therefore all the requirements of the Torah had to be met or the sacrifice is void.

Is Y’hudah (Judas Iscariot) doomed? According to Torah this may not be an accurate teaching … criteria pertaining to witnesses needed to be met. If we are not aware of Torah principles, then how can we accurately judge the situation?

The truth will set us free only if we know the truth. If we do not know the Torah, we do not know the truth, anything else is a fable.

This is an afterthought note: If anybody gets the wrong impression, about anything I have said, concerning a brother, this is not about an attack but a different perspective. Concerning my beloved brother Rico Cortez anything I said was not to diminish his call but to merely address an issue and if others misinterpret my statements, I hope they will understand this was simply an address about a perspective.

If we cannot speak to one another about differences then how can we grow? None of us has seen all the light. If there is any issue between my brother and I, he will come to me and we will deal with it. I hope that will not be necessary because I highly regard what my brother Rico has been called to do. With those that are affiliated with my brother Rico, I continue to pray and praise their work for Yah. Blessed are those who seek the truth to Rico, Daniel, and all those affiliated with him.

Shalom Aleichem

Rabbi Danny Palmer

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