The Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures

Newest teachings are listed first.


Revelation Part 5-The Red Horse

Revelation Part 4-The White Horse

Revelation Part 3

Revelation Part 2

Introductions to the Revelation

The Harm in Misinterpreting the Book of Revelation


Feast of Tabernacles or Sukkot

Day of Atonement

Shipwrecked Faith

The Difference in Biblical and Modern Hebrew

Fall of Lucifer

The Aleph-Tav as the Aleph-Bet

AMPLIFICATION of the Aleph Tav

The Feast of Yom Tru’ah (Trumpets)

Is the Aleph Tav a Direct Object Pointer?

Messiah’s Passover

Restoration of Aleph Tav

Paul told Thessalonians When Antichrist Would Come

SONG OF SONGS from Messianic Aleph-Tav Scriptures

Sanford Sabbath Testimony


The MEM and BET-Aleph-Tav in Scripture

The ZAYIN-Aleph-Tav in Scripture

How the Aleph-Tav Speaks to Us

The Yah-Head

The Aleph-Tav in the SIN OFFERING

Owlam and Father’s Memorial Name

The Aleph-Tav in ALL the Everlasting Covenants

A Significant Date in History – Passover

What is GRACE?

Body and Bride

House Rules

Was Paul Blameless?

Sabbath the 1st Covenant

James-Law of Liberty



Unclean Meats

Manifestations of Salvation

Evidence from an Unlikely Source

Abraham and the Torah

Speaking against Torah

The Number 14

The Number 13

The Number 12

The Number 11

The Number 10

The Number 9

The Number 8

The Number 7

The Number 6

The Number 5

The Number 4

Introduction to Numbers

Aleph-Tav Y’shua in the TaNaKh

The Aleph-Tav in the Creation Week

Aleph-Tav in the Sabbath and the Feast Days

Introduction to the VAV-Aleph-Tav in the Scriptures

Introduction to the Aleph-Tav Scriptures


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