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This is not a Christian or Judaism website. This is a website to present material to be examined. Everyone must come to their own relationship and understanding with Yah. He will be the Judge. We do not tell people what to believe nor will we allow anyone else to come in to do that either. If the house of Isra’el and the house of Y’hudah do not still mater, there is no B’rit Chadashah/New Covenant so says Yah. The olive tree is Isra’el, not gentiles and this is determined by obedience and submission to the will of the Father so says Y’shua. As our brother Sha’ul said we each must work out our relationship with Yah. Please respect these guidelines. Read more

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Are Ewe Washed?
Do we really know what makes us clean?

Torah Parasha for this week


This Weeks Torah Portion:

Emor (Speak)

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This video series has five new teachings per week:
The Messianic Aleph Tav Scriptures

This is a video series from Congregation Echad:
Capture The Moment with Special Guest Michael Peebles – BulldozerFaith

The Yachad Qahal Challenge

Are Ewe Reading Now?

There are more Yachad Qahal Challenges here.

The point of these quizzes is not that you get the question right … but are you learning? If you get an answer wrong, go look up the answer. Then take the quiz again till you get it right. No one is being graded and we cannot see the answers.

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